13 December 2015

Hobbyden M113 Beobachtungspanzer Artillerie

When I need to paint up a model in a particularly annoying or difficult camo pattern I tend to try and paint two of them at the same time - so I should at least have two that look similar, I can paint one side on the first and leave it to dry while I paint the same side on the second etc etc.  It seems to work for me - and so while I was painting the S&S Models Panzermorser I also painted a Hobbyden M113 Beobachtungspanzer given to me a year or two ago bt Simon (thanks Simon!)

This is a particularly funky M113, and although it's not the absolute best model - it is the only one of these I am aware of in this scale - and I'm very glad to have it.  It certainly goes a long way to resolve my "I must have every possible West German artillery observer variant" issues.

So - onto the pics:

So - that's something else finished...




  1. Nice work- something that I think I'll add to my collection. Would make an interesting objective in a skirmish game.



  2. I'll be using it as a straight OP in my games, with a special rule to make it harder to observe when behind cover to make use of the "mast" - or periscope.