25 February 2014

FV432 Progress Part 3

Thanks for all the kind words thus far - the end is almost in sight for at least some of these FV432s.

Things did not happen quite as "shortly" as I expected in my last post, largely as I had anticipated doing the spray coats over the weekend.  I seemed to have forgotten you actually need spray paint for that to occur.  A teeny hole in my cunning plan.

So on Monday I popped down to my LGS and picked up a can of Army Painter Black Primer and a can of Plastic Soldier Company British Armour spray.

Not terribly exciting pics - but there they are anyway...

24 hrs later - on went the blu-tac stripes:

And then the base colour spray coat:

This is what they look like now - with the blu-tac peeled off.  You may have also noticed a couple of S & S Strikers also made it into the photo. 

I had hoped to get all my FV432s done in February, but time is against me so I decided to limit the work to these 8 plus the Strikers. 

Next up - blacklining...

Thanks again


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