03 February 2014

February is FV432 month!

True madness has struck and I am now the proud owner of 16 FV432s and 1 FV434.  Together they look a bit like this:

 and this

Now the majority of them are Britannia Miniatures, quite a few of which I recently got through Wartime Miniatures here in Oz.  Mathew very nicely ordered them in for me - at a very reasonable price.  Two of the unpainted FV432's are simply quite beautiful Cromwell Models, as is the painted FV434.  Finally 1 of the FV432s - the smaller 1 right up the back, comes from an unknown brand - I picked it up at the Cancon Bring 'n Buy. 

So I have a few to fix, stow and paint.  I also have 4 S&S Peak Engineering Turrets on order, and hopefully they will arrive before the end of February.

First task was to remove the massive chunk of resin from under the Cromwell 432's tracks.  A tedious and boring job - hence no pics.

Next task was to deal with the second of two things I don't really like about the Britannia 432's.  The first is the air bubbles, but I'll save those for later.  All Britannia 432's are meant to have the driver and his hatch look like this:

A good looking chap with a nice 1980's moustache.  I actually prefer metal hatches and half figures, that allow you to either have the hatch closed or open.

Some of my 432's came like this:

The chap's head has been broken off!  In the past I've fixed this by simply pining on another head.  But I wanted to try something different this time.  A little work later and it looked like this:

A bit more (well a lot more) and it looks like this:

Not perfect I know, but good enough for someone with my limited skills.  I jusy now need to add a new plastic card hatch and my refurbed driver's position will be complete.

That's all for now


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