22 March 2014

Sad day at the workbench

After 15+ years of great service my lamp died - partly the reason for a lack of progress recently - and I've been finishing off some other things...

It's not quite meant to hang droppy headed like that.  In desperation I took it to an elderly friend who likes a mechanical challenge and after a week he returned it to me - almost as good as new.  I'm very chuffed and was straigt back into painting some little things I can't see without the magnifying glass in the lamp.

Happy days are here again!

Proper post on Monday - see you then



  1. Outstanding - well done that man.

  2. Nice to know that the art of repairing stuff isn't completely dead!

    1. Yeah, especially for a minor flaw such as a hanging head. Good thing is that old stuff is usually easier to repair than newer products.

  3. Sadly not a minor flaw. The cast aluminum peice holding the head broke clean in two. I guess it had become very brittle over the years. Luckily my 88yr old friend was able to make two new steel(?) peices. I've no idea how - I just appreciate his craftsmanship.