16 February 2014

FV432 progress

Today I thought I quickly post up some photos of the progress I've been making with my FV432s.  Best news is that my Peak Engineering Turrets arrived on Friday (6 days from the UK!) so I was very chuffed and decided to crack on with the FV432s over the weekend.

First up I had to finish off the driver's hatches that I was working on in the last WIP post.  Probably not the best example, as it needs a little green stuff work - but here is the finished conversion:

I also had to grind down the main roof hatch to form a space for the Peak turret to fit.  I ended up using a mouse sander to carefully take of most of the hatch and after some more sanding and filing was left with this:

As you can see - a bit of the detail on the roof side and rear was lost but most of that will be covered up with stowage.  Poles here for example.

Of course the S & S models Peak turret base was much smaller than the resin circle I had left over from the sanding (forgot to take a pic here).  So after some creful work it looked like this:

And this

Next step was to work on some green stuff tarps.  I'm pretty hopeless with greenstuff - but this is how they turned out:

As you can see I've added fascines to some of them.  In the future it will help identify oneof the platoons.

Here's another example with the Peak turret:

And another one:

I'm very happy with the Peak Engineering turret.  Sure it took a bit of work - but it is lovely and really makes the model.

Next up I have to carefully go over each model and start filing in all of the air holes - and there are plenty of those.

Have fun


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