13 February 2014

FV432 Reference and Inspiration Pictures

The FV432 month continues and the models are making some progress - the only things lacking are my Peak Engineering turrets (which will hopefully arrive next week) and me taking photos...  That's enough said about that.

Anyway, as part of this project I trawled through a few websites etc to find some good reference and inspiration photos, so I thought I could share some of them here.  None of this is done with the permission of those that own the photos - so I do beg their forgiveness/indulgence - however these are all on open or public forums or found elsewhere on the net and I will try to name those I know with their work.

My first and best stop when looking for great reference and inspiration photos was Andy's superb blog Cold Wargamer.  Andy has first hand knowledge in this area and is also a very skillful modeller.  Using his models as a guide - you really can't go wrong.  Here are some examples from his site:

Note the excellent scratch built Peak Engineering turret.

Andy's site gives you a detailed how-to to achieve this look and also some W-I-P photos like:

Another cool scratch built job here - a NOD for an artillery FO.

Finally Andy has some excellent "real-life" photos.  Some I've seen elsewhere and some I've never seen before.  Heres a selection I thought really useful:

I love that last photo - really shows the fascine well.

Elsewhere on The Guild I found some good photos of models.  First up one done by the renowned painter Piers Brand:

Here's a couple more I found - sorry, I 'm not sure who the modeller is here:

Finally - here's a few photos I found wandering around the net:

Obviously there are tons of great models and great photos out there on the net - so I hope I can get a suitably lived in look happening for my FV432s.

Thanks - and thanks again to all those out there that have helped my project by showing their inspiring pics.


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  1. Thanks for that Richard - hopefully you've given me the kick in the pants I need to finish my own fv432.

    You can't go wrong with Andys site - it is my first port of call for anything Cold War.