28 January 2014

Review - Elhiem Figures NBC Soviets

As part of a large figure/vehicle purchase from a mate of mine a year or so ago I also managed to snag some of Elhiem Figures NBC Soviets.  I never really needed them so they just sat their in one of my boxes... as things tend too.

Then last year I finally managed to make this:

which you can read more about here.
So if I had a NBC Recce vehicle, I needed a few chaps to jump out and scout about in an NBC environment.  So I got painting...

Very quick and simple paint jobs.  I understand that Soviet NBC outfits came in a variety of colours (not camouflaged though) but all had a slimy, rubberised kind of look or sheen.  I went for a lighter colour, and gave them a "Dip" which even when dull-coated, still had a nice sheen.  So I was pretty happy with them - so much so I ordered a couple more from Matt, so I could get the soldier with the NBC sampler kit.  I'll get around to him later when I remember what colour I used in the first place!

Anyway - where are the lads with their ride:

And here they are in situ:

That's all for now