28 March 2010

The year long project...

Okay - so the model making and painting plan is something like this (and this can and will change of course)

Part 1 - Soviet Armour
Part 2 - Soviet Troops
Part 3 - Second RAF Harrier GR.3
Part 4 - RAF Ground Crew, RAF pilots, RAF Regiment
Part 5 - British Armour
Part 6 - 1980's British SAS
Part 7 - West German Armour
Part 8 - West German Troops

The aim is to have as much of this as I can finished by August this year.

In August - in Ireland - the Guild will be hosting a huge Cold War Hot series of games, featuring (as far as I can tell) bucket loads of armour, troops, helos and jets - and using a Modern variation of the Rapid Fire rules.

As much as I'd love to go, I can't see my wife agreeing to a wargaming weekend in Ireland, so I've decided, hopefully with the help of a mate, to hold my own big game here in Sydney Australia. Between myself and a mate, I hope we can host a reasonably substantial Cold War Hot game at the EMIRS Wargaming Club in Sydney on the same weekend as the lads are going for it in Ireland. Its a plan anyway - and will have an end date (useful in any plan) to see if I can finish by then.

I'm not sure what rules we'll be using - but am currently leaning very heavily to Force-on Force. They are a great set of modern rules, but are not tailored to large armour on armour battles - however - I'm sure a few "playtests" will determine if the reaction system can cope with lots of tanks, missiles, infantry and airpower going hammer and tongs at each other.

I have a fair amount of the stuff I want already (there's always more to get!) and have started work on Part 1 - the Soviet Armour.

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