29 March 2010

Work-In-Progress - Soviets

As a way of tracking some progress over time - rather than just jump into some of the stuff I've already completed - I thought I'd some some before photos for the Soviets, and where all the NATO stuff is currently up to.

So first of all, here are the before photos of my Soviet kit. These were taken about 3 weeks ago. Sorry for the crappy photos - bit of a rush job.


These are resin and metal Britannia BDRM armoured cars and BMP-1 MICV. I thought that as I complete each type I'll give a little review and explanation of what I did.


Revell T-72s - plastic kits.


Revell T-80s - plastic kits.

I managed to pick up most of these very cheaply at Tom's Hobbies in West Ryde (for anyone interested who lives in Sydney!) I'm waiting until he gets some more in to complete the T-80 platoon at least - don't really want to pay almost twice the price at Hobbyco.

Next are some Soviet figures - all Liberation Miniatures



These are from Rolf's 1970's + Motor Rifle troops wearing the older style two peice khaki uniform. I'm planning on these figures being my first attempt at using the Army Painter Dip. I bought some strong tone (about a year ago) and think these MR troop's uniform colours would really suit the dip. But I'm to scared to just go straight in and try them on these guys - so last night I dug our some old 40K Mordian Guard figures to trial it on. People also say you should use lighter colours that you would normally - so I'll paint 1 fig using Vallejo Khaki (what I would normally use) and another using Vallejo German Cam Beige - to see which one is best.



These Black Russians are all in 1 peice camo uniforms. Many of them are VDV. They'll be painted green with the "bunny ears" - as I think it's called - cam pattern and so I undercoated them black.

I have some more Liberation Russians - but these are unbased - and therefore unphotographed!

Here a youtube clip I found interesting

BDRM up next.


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