31 March 2010


Okay - first up in the Soviet Armour stakes are a couple of Britannia BDRM-2 armoured reconnaissance vehicles. Here's a wikipedia link with more information:



After putting together 10 or so plastic model kits, when the Britannia stuff arrived it was like a breath of fresh air. Rather than taking a couple of days to put together 1 kit, I could put a few of these together in 1 night!

Basically the hull and turret come as resin peices, while the main gun, wheels and belly wheels come as cast metal peices. These clean up easily and fit nicely. Very simple to put together.

There was no real (big) problems with the resin and all in all I'd give this 8.5 out of 10.


It was also very simple to paint. First I gave it an undercoat with Citadel Black Spray. Then I used Battlefront's (and Army Painters?) War Paint spray can - Soviet Armour. It was the first time I have used this product and I was pleasantly surprised. It seems to hold a fair amount - I painted 11 vehicles with at least a quarter of the can left (as far as I can tell). Even spread and a nice Soviet looking colour...

I then used Citadel Babab Black to line all the edges on the model. Then I gave it a series of dry brushes using Vallejo Russian Green (which matches the spray very well), progressively lightening it with more and more Vallejo German Cam. Beige.

The wheels and guns were painted black, and then Panzer Grey and the whole thing was weathered using Tamiya Weathering pastels - which doesn't really show up in the photos:





That's the finished product. I made a very simple greenstuff roll to differentiate the two cars a little.

Here's some youtube links to BDRM clips I found to be interesting:

Have fun


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