31 March 2010

Back on track - BMP-1

Not that the silliness has past - back to Cold War Hot!

In my recent Britannia purchase I also picked up 4 BMP-1 Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicles (MICV). Here is a useful link:



If you don't count the gunner, each of these little beauties has a massive 1 metal peice to glue on. The Hull and tracks are all one resin peice, as is the turret. You simply glue on the gun, which comes with the AT-3 Sagger attached to it. I found that I had to carefully drill out the mount on the turret, and trim down the metal on the end of the gun to make it fit, but once this was done, it fits perfectly. You then put the gunner in the turret and you're finished.

I found that there was a few air bubbles in these guys - some so big I had to do something about them, others tiny and I didn't worry about them. I also had a few little things missing - or not well represented - particularly vision blocks around the driver and on the turret. I also had to reattach a turret hatch and one drivers head.

I could cope with all of that - the only thing I really didn't like (and this is not really a make or break issue for me - was the fact that the drivers hatch was open and his head sticking out. That certainly doesn't sound bad, but you can't - without a substantail amount of work) just lope off his head and close the hatch. You also can't open the Commander's hatch, or close the gunner's hatch. This is option limiting in my view - something which you are pretty spoilt with on FoW 15mm armour I have been working with for years now.

I'm sure there is a way around it - but I couldn't be bothered and am very happy with how they turned out anyway. I used two of the gunners on the BMPs and used the other two as tank commanders. When I get some Liberation tank commanders, I'll stick them in the currently empty turrets - to make them look a bit different.


I used exactly the same techniques as the BDRMs on the BMPs. Only real difference was the tracks, which I simply painted Panzer Grey and then covered with a Black wash. The tracks (on the model) actually aren't great, but you don't see them that well so it doesn't bother me.

Finished Platoon





At some point I need to get a similar amount of BMP-2s and six or so BMD-1 & 2s. At some point...

Here are some youtube clips on BMP-1s



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