12 July 2017

Danish Battlegroup

OK - back to 20mm, and back to the Danes for the last time for a while I think.

When finishing the Centurions I thought it might be nice to take a couple of photos of all the Danish armour finished thus far.  So without further ado - here we go:

Front Row Left to Right: 3 x S-Model M113 forming a Danish Mechanised Platoon, and a S-Model conversion to a M150 TOW Carrier

Back Row Left to Right: 2 x Airfix and 1 x Britannia Centurion forming a Tank Platoon, 2 x Warmaster M41 Walker Bulldog tanks to field as individual light recon tanks.

I've built an Italeri M106 to add some mortar support to my force, and will also be adding a couple of Unimog trucks, which can play a couple of roles.  One day I'd like to add a platoon of Leopard 1A4s as well - maybe when PSC does the Leopard 1 in 20mm.

Anyway - it's likely you'll see West Germans next...




  1. They look outstanding. I especially like that M150, modelling the launcher over the side is a nice touch!

  2. Would you like an M548 ammunition carrier from Roco? I have 12 of them.

    1. I would except aren't Roco 1/87? I think that's likely to be to small... Thanks very much for the offer though.


  3. Just started working on Danish 5Jydske btn for Team Yankee... Your gear looks great, 20mm is a great scale to model in. What miniatures did you use for your infantry? I'm thinking US figures as opposed to UK...thoughts?

  4. Sorry for the very late reply! I use Elhiem NATO troops armed with G3s for my Danish troops.