04 July 2017

Danish Centurion Platoon

OK - so there are some benefits of getting sick and having to spend a couple of days at home.  For one, despite the remnants of a killer headache, I was able to spend a bit of time and finish off the Centurion platoon.

So - let's get straight into it then:

Centurion 1

Centurion 2 (Platoon Commander)

Centurion 3

So Centurion 1 and 2 are Airfix, while Centurion 3 is by Britannia.  It appears that I completely forgot to green stuff the Britannia tank, which I'm both annoyed at and thankful for.  Annoyed that I forgot to do it, and thankful I didn't, coz I'd still be doing it months later!

All the tanks have AB Figures crew and S&S Centurion smoke dischargers.  Centurion 1 also has an S&S turret bustle.  The LLTV sights were scratch built by me, along with the turret bustle on Centurion 2 and some other bits and pieces on the two Airfix Centurions.  I added all the camo nets of course.

Finally some shots of the Platoon together: