19 July 2017

West German Marder W-I-P - Part 1

This will be a very short work-in-progress update with just one photo.  I'm currently working on a commission job of some Revell Marders for a mate.  And he wants a lot of them...  So here's where I'm currently up to:

The two at the back have just been built.  One of them is likely to get a pretty full on cam net treatment.  Two in the front row have already been cammed up, and all three obviously have their black cam lines painted on.  I now need to add the NATO brown patches before I start weathering them.  Its a bit of a slow process, but it all looks pretty reasonable in the end.

Hopefully I'll be able to show some good progress over the weekend.

Have fun



  1. Egad Huns!

    More grist for the new Battlegroup Northag mill?

  2. Yes and No. Commission work for a friend - to play BG:NORTHAG with...