08 June 2017

Danish Mechanised Infantry Platoon sans the mechanised bit

Another group of Elhiem NATO and West German figures finished about a week ago, that had to wait to be photographed.  And now they are done under the guise of Danes.  I did a reasonable amount of research and this is my best stab at a Platoon TO&E.  They will initially be transported by M113, and at some stage I'll have the option to mount them in trucks.

First up the Platoon Command Squad

In the future I'll be changing out a few figures to make this more accurate but it will do for now.  I'll add in a "proper" officer figure with an Hovea M/49 SMG and a radio operator, and replace the mortar team with a proper 60mm mortar.  The current mortar team will then be moved to be a medium mortar supporting leg infantry or home guard units.

Now the first squad:

Pretty straight forward set-up.  NCO, Carl Gustav MAW gunner, MG3 gunner (called a M/62 in Danish Service) and 5 chaps with the Danish M/75 (which is their G3 equivalent)

And the second squad has exactly the same make-up:

That's the platoon as it stands.  I also painted up an old (and unavailable?) West German Redeye SAM operator, known in Danish service as the Hamlet or SAMlet:

So all I'm missing now is a medic and a sustained fire GPMG Team.  Elhiem don't make either at the moment - I'll just keep my fingers crossed.  AT least I now have enough Danish infantry for a decent game - once I finish their M113s...

...and the Centurions...   Well now you know my plans for the next month!




  1. Lovely addition to the collection!

  2. Very nice! It is always good to see other NATO powers on the table.

  3. Thanks lads. The M113s are now finished and will be up soon.


  4. I'll just keep my fingers crossed. AT least I now have enough Danish infantry for a decent game - once I finish their M113s...

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