18 June 2017

Danish M150 or Danish M113 with TOW ATGM

There appears to be some debate at present as to whether or not there was any such vehicle as the M150 or was it simply a M113 with TOW ATGM.  I don't have an opinion, although everytime I decide it's an M150, I find further evidence that it wasn't, and then more evidence that it was.

Anyway - the Danes had them and I decided to make one!  I used a S-Model M113 as the basis (as I had one spare from the rest of the platoon (2 boxes of two).  I used a Dragon TOW system (from the spectacularly useful HMMWV box sets) and both AB Figures and Elhiem for the crew.  I also used some ValueGear stowage - pretty much the same as in my previous post.

Onto the pics:

Originally I had planned on having the TOW face forwards, but once the drive and the .50 cal were in place I thought it made the front of the vehicle look to "crowded" so I decided to have it firing off to the side.  Hopefully you can see the TOW tripod legs, folded up on the rear deck.

Finally - here is a pic of the M113 Platoon and the M150 (or not):

That's it for today.



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