20 March 2017

LandZeeland Danish Armour - W-I-P - Part 3

So today (and probably later this week) I'm focusing in on my two Danish M41s.  Before I go any further I should probably show you how these Warmaster M41s started out

This photo is from The Flying Mule Webstore in the States.

In the photo yesterday the M41s had all their decals removed, the searchlights added and their cam nets attached.  I then gave them a black undercoat and after 24 hours I added some blue tack to cover what would become the black stripes in the cam scheme.

Looking at pics, and from what I've read, Danish vehicles have a similar cam scheme to British vehicles, however their green colour is quite a bit brighter than the British green.  I wandered out to my garage and looked through all my Tamiya green spray cans and the one that was the most close to what I was after was the Tamiya AS-23 Luftwaffe Light Green.  I gave each vehicle a coat:

And then when dry, removed the blue tack

They looked pretty bright!  But I hoped that it would be toned down once I'd done all the next few steps - with the next step being a black pin was using Vallejo black wash.

Obviously I changed the lighting somehow here, as the green looks even brighter!  Anyway - we see the next few steps in the next post - coming soon



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