28 March 2017

Destroy the Bridge/Capture the Bridge Mission - The Table and Forces - Game 1

So before I jump into the AARs I thought I'd quickly show some other photos of the table and the forces from Game 1.  Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to Game 2 so all the photos are from my mate's phone and are a little dark - but I'll fiddle with them to try and lighten them up.

Anyway - here's some photos of the table prior to the game.

First up - The table from the Soviet point-of-view:

Now the NATO point-of-view where you can clearly see the road heading to the bridge at the bottom of the table:

The main street through the village:

Another view of the village:

And yet another view of the village:

A farm on the outskirts of town:

Now onto the forces.  This is the West German Force - just under 900 points (photo only shows vehicles):

Front row (left to right):  3 Marders making up the Panzergrenadier Platoon and a VW Iltis carrying a Stinger Team.

Second row (left to right): Recce Leopard 1A4, Recce Command in a Fuchs, Recce Luchs - and then two stand-ins for 2 Jaguar 1 (I haven't quite finished mine yet...)

Rear row (left to right):  a Leopard 2A4 section, a Gepard, a Beobachtungspanzer Artillerie M113A1G and a Panzermorser.

Missing from the pic is a Marder transported Forward HQ, the infantry (or course), a Bundesgrenschutz squad (police), a timed Alpha Jet strike, a counter battery fire mission, a set of foxholes and a fortified building.  The West Germans also had purchased the Home Turf special rule that gives them +1D6 to their Battle Rating for fighting on their home soil.

This is the Soviet force - exactly 900 points (again the photo only shows the vehicles)

Front area (left to right): BTR-80 Platoon (3 x BTR-80), a Gaz-66 heavy mortar tow and the second BTR-80 Platoon (3 x BTR-80)

Second row (left to right): ZSU-23-4 Shilka, SA-9 Gaskin, 9P148 AT-5 BRDM-2, Recce BMP-2, Recce BRDM-2 and Recce motorcycle combination

Rear row: T-80BV Platoon (4 x T-80BV)

Each BTR platoon also carried a AT-4 ATGM team, one of the T-80s had a Cobra ATGM load-out, the BMP-2 was equipped with AT-5 Konkurs and the Soviets also took a timed 152mm and timed 122mm artillery strikes.

I'll try have the AAR written up for tomorrow...



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