11 March 2017

LandZeeland Danish Armour - W-I-P - Part 1

Well things have moved along a bit on my Danish project.  After much pondering I decided to do my Danes before my Norwegians - less work basically!

As I don't have 3 spare Leopard 1A4s or M41DK, but have 3 Centurions and 2 M41, I thought I would base my force on LandZeeland rather than LandJut - but realistically they could be anywhere (I'd most likely have to upgrade the M41 to M41DK - but who wouldn't want to do that anyway!  And now S&S do a conversion kit as well!!

Anyway - I thought it was time to show where things were up too:

So, in the front row from left to right: Danish M113 (Mech Infantry) Platoon vehicles and then a Centurion 5/2 Platoon - green 2 are Airfix and the sickly yellow/brown one is Britannia.  All have been converted at least a little.

Back row from left to right: 2 Warmaster M41 slightly converted by adding homemade whitelight searchlights and then a S-Model M113 converted to a M150 TOW carrier - with a converted Elhiem TOW gunner.

All that's missing from the photo is an Italeri M125 I have yet to make.  Add to that my Oxford Diecast mounted homeguard and an almost started (well undercoated) infantry platoon.

These will be the core of my Danish force for sometime I imagine - I'd love to add a Leopard 1A4 platoon, a couple of M41DK, and maybe a couple of M151 (and convert 1 to carry TOW or a recoilless rifle...).  Hopefully I will add a couple of Unimogs to represesnt standard infantry or reservists.

I'd also love to add a Saab Draken and I may or may not have an F-16 ready and waiting some Danish decals.

So that's the plans.  Now I have to add some cam netting so I can start painting.




  1. Interesting force,

    Are you planning aircover for them?


  2. Hi Matt - I saw a couple of pics of your weekend game - looked really good. Yes - planning on a Draken and a F-16 for air cover.


  3. If you are interested in this theatre in the 1980's, I highly recommend you pre-order a copy of Compass Games' upcoming game "NATO", where LANDJUT and LANDZEELAND feature heavily. You can find it here:


    Sorry for the absurdly long URL. Fair warning: I am the game's designer. I found your blog doing research.

    Regards - Bruce Maxwell.