05 October 2016

Second Hand Joy - Part 1

Recently I've had a rare run of good luck in the second hand department - coming across some great books and a couple of board games in local shops, a wargaming convention and on ebay.

For many of us our first "experience" of the Cold War gone hot genre was General Sir John Hackett's book "The Third World War".  I inherited my brother's copy in the early eighties (without his knowledge...) and held onto it ever since.  Until I found these:

Mint condition hardbacks - fairly cheap - at a new bookstore which also stocked some 2nd hand books.  Same shop also had these:

Whilst not quite as up-to-date as I would have liked, they are full of good information and some excellent photos.  Finally buy from that shop (apart from a book I've been searching for on the First Crusade) was this:

Mainly a great source of photos, it also has a section on the role of the 3rd Commando Brigade in Norway is a WW3 scenario which was interesting.

Last weekend I visited MOAB - which is a wargaming convention here in Sydney.  Amongst other excellent 2nd hand stuff I picked up these...

...for $6!  Bargain!!  Again full of excellent photos - although a few more Danish regular troop shots would have been helpful.

A while ago I got this for about $50 on ebay:

I'd played it (feels like 100 years ago) and had a soft spot for it.  So at MOAB when I saw this...

...for $8 I had to have it!  Now I just need the 3rd, 5th and 6th Fleet games to complete the series!  Ha!

Anyway - feeling pretty chuffed about that.  In Part 2 I'll show you the other Cold War bargains I got at MOAB - models!




  1. Nice finds. I miss the old "Fleet" series. I dusted off my copy of NATO: The Next War in Europe last week in a fit of nostalgia.

  2. That's another game I'd grab in an instant at the right price.