10 October 2016

Second Hand Joy - Part 2

Every wargaming convention I go to (which is only 2 a year - but I have been going to them both for quite a few years now) I always make sure to spend some time at the bring 'n buy looking for 20mm stuff.  Normally if there is any, it's hidden under piles for 28mm GW and 15mm Battlefront stuff...  I've been to some bring n' buys without finding a single 20mm model to buy.

And then there was this years Cancon where I did really well and at MOAB I found what looked to be someone selling his entire 20mm Cold War/Modern collection.  In reasonable, bit sized chunks.  Most pleasingly to me - he was selling these:

I decided I needed a platoon of T-62s a while back - and every now and again I would pop an ESCI kit I found on ebay into my watch list - but I never committed.  So to find a full platoon, painted very nicely (I just need to get rid of the little red stars) for $50 - I thought it was a real bargain.

The seller was also off-loading some soft skins:

  These two need a little more work.  The open-top one needs a windscreen, which isn't too hard, whereas the closed up one has issues with one of the windows - which has popped in slightly.  My fiddling with it has only made it worse... so not sure what to do about that one.

I think this is a Zil-131 - regardless it's a neat little truck.

Originally I thought this was a Ural-375, but now I think its more likely to be a KrAZ-255 - regardless... it's big!

Trucks can be a pain to make - so this is another second hand purchase I'm pretty chuffed about.

That's it for today


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  1. Oh my!!!
    Sadly i didnt get down for moab. When i saw the pictures of the sale table i knew thete would be gold.
    Great finds.