22 October 2015

WOT!!! NO TANKS?? Another AAR

Today I got to play a very fast game with a good mate - time was a little constrained so we went through things quite quickly and the game ran very smoothly.

Game Premise
In the last game we tried a little bit of everything.  While it all worked fine, neither of us were prepared for the number of Jets & Attack Helicopters that turned up in the game.  As a result I re-jigged the number of helo and close support aircraft counters in the pot.

For today's game we would concentrate on infantry.  An American M113 mounted mech platoon, supported by a couple of M901 ITVs, a M163, a M106 battery, a FIST-V, a TOW mounted on a HMMWV and a .50cal on another HMMWV have pulled into a small rural area during the night.  They have been tasked with defending the area from what is expected to be a secondary attack.  No tanks are available to support them.  The Mech Platoon leader, a lowly Lieutenant is the only officer.  They have not had time or engineering support to dig in proper defences.

On the other side of the hill, a Soviet Motor Rifle Company has been charged with an attack through this sector.  Apart from his own 10 BMP-1s (3 of which have been upgraded to BMP-1Ps) he has a heavy ADA element, with a ZSU-23-4, a SA-13 and another BMP with 2 SA-7 teams.  He also has a 120mm heavy mortar battery, towed by 2 MTLBs.  He has not been provided with any tank support.

Although we didn't really pay any attention to points the US had about a 475 point force against the Soviet 520 point force.  The Battle Ratings were 32 (US) and 44 (Soviet)

As things happened pretty quickly, no photos were taken  of the layout - but you'll get the idea from the pics below.

The Soviet's were the attackers (obviously) and we loosely based the game on the Battlegroup "Defence Line" mission.  The US was defending three objectives and has chosen to leave all his troops in his M113s.  The M901s have been set up on Ambush Fire (and also have the "Ambusher" special rule which makes them harder to spot when they fire from cover).

A small prepartory bombardment saw 2 M113s and a M106 pinned at the beginning of the game.

The Soviets use their "Battle Drill" special rule to rapidly push onto the table.

This is the Soviet right flank, with the Company Commander's BMP top of shot.  The MTLB's deployed their mortar teams in the centre.

They had a woeful time - pinning a couple of units the whole game.

The left flank immediately ran into trouble - dashing up the one country road - into the sights of one of the waiting M901s.

The other BMP platoon is top of shot sheltering behind some woods.

The American left flank looked like this:

While their right had all the pinned units:

The remaining pinned M113:

With a rush of blood to his head and the words "Attack is the best form of defence" rumbling between his ears the US forces go onto the attack.

and a long range Dragon shot takes out another BMP-1

But Soviet revenge is swift and the ill-judged attack on the Soviets left flanks stalls

Now the Soviet right flank gets in on the action

The height of the battle!

More from the Soviet left flank:

The US FIST-V withdraw back towards the centre of the table:

while the Platoon Leader, also attempts to hold the table centre - a little closer to the action

And finally a shot of the Soviet high water mark before time defeated both of us.  You can just see a dead ITV in the shot:

Final thoughts
It was a great game, with  the Soviets losing by 3 BR points in the end.  They had their Battle rating reduced by 30 points, while the jammy Yanks had only lost 15 points - which sounds like a bit of a drubbing, but when you look at the starting BR was much closer.

The Americans drew a helo chit, which never turned up and a aircraft chit which drew an A-10 in the final turn.  Fortunately the ZSU-23-4 was the one bit of ADA the Soviets had managed to get on Ambush Fire and it beat off the only air attack in the game.

The Soviets drew an EW chit during the game and used it to halve the US orders in the next turn, which turned out to be the best orders roll for the Americans - with 12 - being reduced to just 6 orders.  One turn the Soviets rolled snake-eyes for orders - so all in all it was a low order game - which actually makes it more fun in my opinion.

All in all we both enjoyed a tank free game!

Oh yeah - and my M113 platoon had its first game and you can even see my first (not quite finished) MERDC AFVs on the table-top.  More on them soon I hope.




  1. Great stuff- nice to see you can do more than just waves of tanks with the system. Quick question- do the AA assests have to be assigned to a ground role or AA role for the duration of the game or can they swap between the two roles at ease?



  2. Thanks guys, AA gun systems can swap between roles during the game. I've not done it yet, and see it as a last resort activity, but it is certainly possible. Obviously SAM systems are one purpose only!