01 November 2015

S&S Models FV712 Fox CRV(W) Armoured Car W-I-P Part 1

Well I've actually been really busy with a bunch of different modelling projects which means nothing is really finished so not much to show for all the work - at least on this blog...

So I thought I'd show you a set of Work In Progress shots of my Fox Armoured Car.  My apologies for the not great photos, but would you beleive it my carefully prepared hiding place (behind a book shelf) for my large blue cardboard peice I use for all my background has literally disappeared behind the book case and I can't get it out!

This Fox will be part of my small Berlin Infantry Brigade force and the aim is to paint in in the crazy urban scheme seen here:

I decided no cam nets (to cover up mistakes) - just a few bits of stowage max.

So on with the photos:

I was able to use all the viewing blocks from a spare Airfix Scorpion turret to make them a bit more distinct, and other bits and bobs (such as the front lights) came from other kits.

Still not 100% finished - but perhaps 99% - and then I ran out of white spray paint so can't progress it yet anyway.

I think I've worked out the order to paint it in.  I'll be using tape and sprays to try and get nice squares of all the different colours.



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  1. Nice work- the additions from the old kit definmately add a lot more detail. Good luck with the painting of it.