15 October 2015

ACE Models BMP-Ksh Update

Way back here in November 2010 I completed a bunch of Soviet vehicles including an ACE Models BMP-Ksh.  As you can see from this picture (taken at the time) I placed the main antennae (on the front of the turret) in a upright position.  (Third from the left)

My plan was the try and find a kneeling Soviet figure which I could place on the top of the BMP to look as though he was winding the antennae up (or down).

Of course I never got around to that....

A few weeks back (in a moment of complete stupidity) when I was transporting some Soviet vehicles down stairs for a game, for some reason I decided that the upright antennae was lower than the side of the box I was carrying everthing in, and closed the quite heavy (for a plastic antennae anyway) lid, breaking the antennae into three peices.

I was not a happy camper...

So in the days after the game I decided to rebuild the antennae, lower it into its travelling position, and cover the end of the antennae in a tarp.  Rather than try and glue it all back together, I used plastic rod, some peices of the orginal antennae, plastic tubing, wire and green stuff to remake it anew.

Here's the end result:

All-in-all I'm happy with the result.




  1. I actually like the second version better than the first, unbroken version!

  2. I have so many kits I need to fix, it will keep me from buying for some time

  3. They look fine. Will they be appearing in more Battlegroup games?

  4. Thanks chaps - I'm much happier with it now. Definitely more BMP games coming soon!