08 July 2013


Today I'll be posting the last of the pics of the my Task 2 Group Build 2013 entry for The Guild which can be found here. 

The final portion of the Build was a platoon of 3 Altaya or "The Tank Collection" Magazine T-80BV tanks.  Here's a pic of how they originally looked a couple of years back during our first ever "Big Game".  They are the colourful ones at the front:

The T-80 was of course a serious bit of Soviet kit and would have caused NATO some real headaches.  A good summary of it can be read about on wikipedia here.  I also bought the Osprey book on the T-80 and recommend it.

I decided to repaint my tanks - firstly so they matched the rest of my force, and secondly because I believed that the Altaya paint scheme did not represent the correct period or feel for my cold war force.

The Osprey T-80 book has a nice profile picture of a T-80BV which had been taken out of storage and fought in Chechnya.  It had rough numbers painted on it's turret side, right on the ERA blocks.  This is what I decided to try and replicate.  This is how it turned out:

And together with the BRDM-2 RKh

That's all for now.




  1. Richard,
    Seems like the Altaya are a good alternative to some of the kits out there.

    What color do you paint your Pact vehicles? Please forgive me if you've covered that in earlier posts. I love whatever green you use for your Pact stuff.


  2. Hi Steven

    Yes - some Altaya kits really aren't bad at all. 99% of my Soviet stuff is sprayed with FoW Warpaint Russian Armour, then given a black pin wash and then drybrushed with Vallejo Russian Green, with Khaki progressively added to it. If you look in the Tutorial or W-I-P sections of the blog you should find some better descriptions or advice on what I used.