02 July 2013


One of the first Soviet units I'd like to field is a Foward Detachment - and a vehicle crtitcal to that is the BRDM-2 RKH - a NBC recon vehicle.

A few months back I liberated a Britannia BRDM-2 from Simon and set about to make a simplified version of the RKh.  In the end I was basically unhappy with the result and hid it in a drawer until I sorted out in my head how to do it properly.

Then recently I was looking at Harvey Black's (the author of "The Red Effect") website/blog and stumbled across some pictures of his showning the BRDM-2 RKh in excellent detail.  I hope he doesn't mind if I reproduce a couple of them here:

These were the clearest photos I had seen of the back of the RKh and I decided I would try and replicate this on my Britannia BRDM-2.

So here is the result:

It's not the most accurate or greatest conversion by a long shot - but it works for me and you can't look at the model and not have a reasonable idea of what it is - if you know what I mean.  As a wargaming representation of a BRDM-2 RKh - I'm quite chuffed.  I did decide to paint the flags yellow and red to make them stand out a little more - for the effect of making it stand out from other BRDM-2s that may be on the table top.

So anyway - there you have it

Have fun



  1. great effort Richard,

    I have some pics from the Plish armour of the cold war also if you are interested I will send them to you via the Guild.


  2. Hi Matt

    I would love to see any Cold War Photos you have. If it's ok, then please send any available to harvey.black_author@yahoo.com.


    Happy for you to use photos from my Blog.