15 July 2013

All aboard the Wunderwaffen!

Like any good wargamer, I'm always looking for the right tool to get one over on my opponents - the golden bullet that will catch him by surprise and give me the edge - at least for 1 game to arrest my long-time loosing streak.

I'm currently preparing for another playtest game - that was supposed to be this Saturday but will now be next Saturday - of Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich - the next book in the Battlegroup series of games.  I always find preparing lists hard - as there is always more I want and can never fit in.  Getting the right balance is very hard - so I've come up with a cunning plan.

I doubt I'll be giving my secret tactic away by showing my Wunderwaffen here - I don't think Leigh or Mick regularly read this blog so I'm safe.

So here it is:

TA DA!!  My Volksgrenadier can now ride to battle in style (and comfort).  And the whole platoon can fit in the bus!

OK - sure it a British Oxford Bus - and I understand that Tipner is in or near Portsmouth - but it will do fine for a German civilain bus purloined by the German Army in late 1945.  I'll try and weather it up a little so it doesn't look quite so clean and hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to let you know how my wonder weapon went!

Have fun


1 comment:

  1. good one Rich!

    I will have to look for one I think myself!