02 October 2012

VDV Figure Stocktake

So... I've been painting up 40 odd Liberation Miniatures Soviet Paratroopers or VDV for the last week or so - hence no recent updates...  I'd just finished 14 or so when I decided I'd better do a quick stocktake to see how I was faring in trying to complete a 1-to-1 VDV Company with some regimental assets.

So this basically means an HQ Section, with some attachments - FAC, FO, Sniper and Medic, a Grenade launcher Section and a Air Defence Section plus 3 Platoons of 3 squads each.  Regimental assests are a couple of 120mm mortars plus their command team and mortar FO, plus an Anti-Armour section.  At some point in the future I'll get a ZSU-23 AA gun or two as well.

Needless to say....   I probably should have done this little audit before I began this whole process.

To show you the result of my silly-billiness here a couple of awful photos:


OK - so like I said, not the greatest photos but they kind of prove what I was talking about.  I was working on everything you can see stuck to soft-drink bottle caps.  So the line of figures all across the top and all down the right hand side.  Pretty much all of these appear to be no longer required..... AAaargghh!!!

Along with those there are 4 more figures on the bottom right hand side - No longer required!

So - what's the upshot of all this.  Well to say the least my painting will be a little more focussed over the next week or two - and maybe - just maybe - I might have the infantry side of this unit essentially completed (at least figures wise) before the end of the Guild Task 5 group build.

Anyway - enough lamenting for now...

Back to work


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