20 June 2012

Task 3 Bits and Bobs - Completed

Well I've managed to finished my next task for the 2012 Guild group build.  The curse of the Work-In-Progress thread did not eventuate - however I had to drop off the West German Biber and the F-19 GhostRider until some later date as I needed to get some other things done before going away for a month.

So anyway - here is the completed Build:

The build includes:

At the back - S&S T-55 AVLB or MTU-55 with spare deployed bridge

In the middle from left to right - MMS Stalwart, S&S Warrior ARV, Trumpeter T-55 with KMT-5, Cromwell Models Chieftain Mk5 ARV, Cromwell Models FV434

Front - Cromwell Models (I've been informed - sorry about the misinformation Andy) Ferret

I'll post up a range of individual pics and close-ups over the course of the next week or so.
Thanks and have fun...


  1. lovely Richard!

    I may be attending the Emirs Bring and Buy see you then.


  2. Cool - see you there Matt