11 June 2012

Bits & Bobs - A Work-In-Progress Part 2

I was able to get a bit of work done on the build over the weekend.  Primarily spraying the undercoats and base coats, and doing the first cam stripes on the British vehicles.  Also managed to pin wash the Soviet and British vehicles.  I've decided to leave the West German Biber to last - just in case I run out of time...  Bettter to finish some than try and do them all at once and get none done!

Anyway - here are the Part 2 pics:


Sorry about the crap photos - but it was done very quickly.

The Ferret is actually 99% finished - I may takes some better pics of it this week.

On with the show...

Have fun



  1. Who makes the Warrior Repair Cromwell, is that a chieftain ARV or Chrarv? same manufacturer? who makes the 434 and did you put the cage on the back of the ferret - looking forward to seeing them done, great set of wagons

  2. Hey Andy - the Warrior ARV is by S&S while the Chieftain is I think a Mark 5 ARV from Cromwell Models. I beleive the 434 is also be Cromwell and the Ferret came like that. All second hand I'm afraid so not 100% sure of the make of the 434 and Ferret - although I think the Ferret may be by Liberation.