25 June 2012

Cromwell Models Ferret Mk2 Armoured Car

If you're trying to put together a representative British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) wargaming force it's pretty hard to do without wanting to get a Ferret Armoured Car or two into your force.  This was a great little armoured car, with a myriad of uses that pretty much shows up on every British Army TO&E of the period - even in those that weren't supposed to have them.

Some basic info on the Ferret can be found on wikipedia here and here which is a website dedicated to the Ferret.

My Ferret is a second hand Cromwell Models Ferret Mk2.  As I got it second hand I can't tell you too much about constrcution etc - as it was already put together.

However it took all of about 20 minutes to paint and came out looking something like this:

So not the world's greatest paint job - but very servicable in my book.

My current plans are to use this as an attachment to my FV432 Mech Infantry Company or Tank Squadron - probably as a vehicle for my FAO.  Nice small target.

Here are some couple of cool videos of the Ferret:

Have fun Richard

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