07 June 2012

Bits & Bobs - A Work-In-Progress Part 1

As anyone who reads this blog would be aware, I'm a member of "The Guild" and am currently taking part in their year long group build.  I've completed the first two parts and now we are up to Task 3.

I've previously (well this year anyway) decided against doing work-in-progress posts for the Guild group builds, simply coz it seems to totally put the mockers on anything I'm attempting to do - but as putting the particular task together has taken so long I've had nothing particularly new to show for a while so W-I-P it has to be.

Lets hope this doesn't all end in tears...

So heres some pics of my "Bits & Bobs" Task 3 build so far:


Obviously it's heavily leaning towards engineering and support vehicles with a couple of odd things like a Ferret and a F-19 Ghostrider!  Coolness!

That's all for now - wish me luck and have fun...


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