29 April 2012

BAOR Challenger Tanks

Over the weekend I managed to finish and photograph some tanks I completed as Task 2 of the 2012 Group Build on The Guild This consisted of a few Challengers and Chieftains. As I've already shown a Britannia Chieftain of mine previously - I thought I'd start out with the Challengers When the "Combat Tank Collection" magazine first started coming out - I guess a couple of years ago - I picked up 3 of their Challenger 1 tanks. They looked like this: Challenger
Reasonable models of the Challenger 1 - but UGLY! Deciding it was time to finally crack on with these I got myself a nifty special screwdriver from Spain that was supposed to fit the ridiculous triangular screws Altaya uses on its tanks - it of course didn't and I had to file it down. But once apart I was able to remove the tracks and spray the models black so I could start them afresh. I also added cam nets to all the storage bins on the models and changed the crappy commnader's MG with a Liberation Miniatures MG. I had in the meantime completed a Revell Challenger 1 (before they kindly reissued it) and was able to paint this at the same time.

So here they are: Photobucket The 3 Tank Collection/Altaya models repainted
Photobucket A side on shot of the Revell kit
The revell Challenger is in front
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Thanks for looking

Have fun...