08 May 2012

BAOR Chieftains and more...

Sticking with BAOR armour, I thought I'd show you the two "Combat Tank Collection" or Altaya Chieftains I also recently finished.

The scheme the AFVs come in is actually very good:

 However, they didn't look like the rest of my stuff so a repaint was in order.  I also decided to have a crack at camming them up a bit to give them that 'operational' look...

So here they are:

I'm reasonably happy with how they turned out.

So finally - here's some pics of all my BAOR armour.  Note - the two Chieftains on bases were not done by me - I bought them that way.

That's all for now - I'll have some more "interesting" vehicles coming soon.

Have fun



  1. Lovely work mate, nice seeing these die-casts given a new lease on life :)
    I've got a handful of diecast Challenger 1's if you're after some more British Armour. I think there's 7 of them sitting in my pile, I doubt I'm going to get around to them now that I'm doing so much 6mm :(