17 November 2011

Cold War Gone Hot

Not exactly what I thought I'd be writing about this week - however it's come to my attention that some Amazon customers who pre-ordered "Cold War Gone Hot", a supplement for their Force-on-Force game system - have already recieved their copies of the book - which isn't due out until 22 November.


Lucky, lucky buggers is all I can say. Looking forward to getting a copy of this myself.

The last copy of this I have seen was a proof before it was sent off to Osprey. Reason I got to see the proof was because I wrote two of the scenarios in the book, and helped out a little in other areas as well.

So when you get it, have a look for a Spetsnaz mission where they try and take out a Harrier jump jet hide, and an SAS mission where they try and take out a Soviet HQ. Very interested to hear what people think of the scenarios and especially to see any After Action Reports.

I had another scenario that didn't make the book (too big) which I'd still like to try out.

There should be a broad range of other scenarios in there as well - not just special forces raiding type missions and assuming it hasn't changed much from the last time I saw it AAG have tackled the subject in a very interesting way. It is also packed full of useful info - especialy the stuff on unit TO&Es - that will be good for any Cold War gaming.

So go out and buy it now - and let me know what you think

Have fun...



  1. Looking forward to sinking my teeth into it - Book Depository sent my copy yesterday...
    Are you planning on making that extra scenario available? Might have to try it in 6mm if it's so big!

  2. I got mine today! It's finally kicked me into gear to try this in 6mm. I've got some 20mm to paint but just don't have the time. I'm quite pleased I got it early through Amazon as they made me wait for Tomorrow's War! It looks good though and I like the way they've divided the scenarios up. Someone on the forums commented that they seemed pretty generic in terms of forces (i.e. that you could substitute pretty well any nation on the NATO side. To a certain extent that is probably true at the level we're gaming. Anyway, hope you get your copy soon!

  3. Looking forward to it - waiting for my copy with bated breath.

  4. Got my copy this morning- it's a great book. Given what I've got painted I'll probably be trying your scenarios fairly soon.

  5. Thanks guys - just letting you know that I've heard from AAG that I can post up my unused scenario - so will be soon.


  6. I've recently bought CWGH, and have been reading your blog in chronological order for ideas and inspiration. Just come to this post and wanted to share that I'd already chosen the Hunting Harriers and SAS attack scenarios as first 2 projects - both very exciting! Cheers, Paul