27 November 2011

Cold War Hot Hot Hot Exclusive FoF Mission

As some of you may be aware I wrote a couple of the missions (scenarios) in the new Cold War Gone Hot book by Ambush Alley Games. A year or so early (when I had wriiten these scenarios) I also wrote another one that was to appear in the original version of the book.

Things changed (including a new version of Force on Force) and the third mission was dropped from the final, recently released, book. One of the reasons it was dropped was the sheer size of the mission. Once you have seen the mission, you'll know what I mean - but I also designed it to be playable - so I beleive it won't overwhelm the system.

Shawn (il supremo of AAG) has kindly given me the OK to put up on this blog the mission that didn't make it into the book.

So if you look over to your right you'll see a link to it under - "Useful Documents" - or you can link to it here

Would love to see someone give it a go.

Hope you enjoy my attempt to simulate attacking a VDV bridge-head.

Have fun...



  1. DAMN that's a big game. Would be great to play over a holiday weekend or at a convention though.