03 August 2010

Cold War Hot August Nights

First post for August will be more of a news post than anything else.

So far this year I've concentrated almost exclusively on getting as much done for my Cold war Hot project as I could. All good things have to come to an end though, or at least a temporary hold as other realities poke their ugly heads over the parapet. What I'm actually trying to say is that for the next couple of months things might get a little quieter around here as I have to concentrate on finishing some commissions in August, and then in September I have a large Flames of War tournament to help run.

I've tried to build up a bit of a buffer of things to write about so I'm hoping to still provide at least one update a week over that period focused on Cold War Hot. So basically I'm hoping you won't notice any difference, and could possibly have gotten away without even mentioning it!

In April I reviewed what the original scope of works would be for this project - which looked something like this:

Part 1 - Soviet Armour
Part 2 - Soviet Troops
Part 3 - 2 x RAF Harrier GR.3
Part 4 - RAF Ground Crew, RAF pilots, RAF Regiment
Part 5 - British Armour
Part 6 - 1980's British SAS
Part 7 - West German Armour
Part 8 - West German Troops

The aim was to have as much of this finished by August this year as I was hoping to have a Big Game on 21 August to coincide with the Guild Big Game in Ireland. Unfortunately, whilst the planning was starting to come together to sort this, the Federal Government decided to hold an national election that day - seriously stuffing up my plans (I'm sure they did it just to mess with me!)

So, I'm still hoping to have a Cold War Hot on that date - just a slightly smaller affair - so my August date for the Big Game has been pushed back until November some time.

Still I thought it would be worth reviewing where I've got to in my original timeframe.

My August Report

Part 1 - Soviet Armour - Finished Including four new things to be shown at a later date along with tank commanders! Also includes the MTLB and the ZSU-23-4.
Part 2 - Soviet Troops - Finished Okay - well I do actually have a couple of other troops but they're not necessary at the moment.
Part 3 - 2 x RAF Harrier GR.3 - Finished The second one will be shown later - I even got some Laser-Guided Bombs for it.
Part 4 - RAF Ground Crew, RAF pilots, RAF Regiment - Finished Actually I have a Squadron Leader and Quartermaster to finish but...
Part 5 - British Armour - Built only
Part 6 - 1980's British SAS - Finished
Part 7 - West German Armour - Finished All the built ones anyway
Part 8 - West German Troops - Finished Have some more Liberation West Germans to show at some point.

So all in all I'm pretty stoked with what I've been able to get through to this point. So I've been able to expand the scope a little to include:

Airpower - I'd like to do a Close Air Support fighter and attack helicopter for each nation.

Soviet - Su-25 Frogfoot & Mil-24 Hind D
German - Alpha Jet and MBB Bo-105
British - Jaguar and Lynx AH.1

So far I've built the ones in bold and own the ones in Italics - so I'm only missing the West German attack helo (to use the term loosely).

I've also sourced a few other bits and peices to add into the mix - but more on that later once it has been finalised.

So anyway - that's enough news for now so...

Have fun



  1. Where are you planning on playing this mega game? Be great to watch proccedings

  2. Hey John

    A limited game will happen on 21 August with the mega game hopefully taking place sometime in November - after a major tournament in Sydney and once politics have died down.


  3. yes, lookin forward to the big game myself!
    I just bought some mainline power poles and power station from the model railway shop to add some more modern terrain to the table, I hope to do my crashed Hind in the coming weeks the model is together just need to get some decent pics of a downed chopper! As for buildings and the Like a order to S and S models for some more industrial buildings is on the cards, also building more trees and hedges and some more modern roads!

  4. Keep it up Matt - keep it up!