28 July 2010

Soldiers - A History of Men in Battle - Tanks

In the grand tradition (in all of 4 months of blogging) I've established here of "borrowing" things from off youtube and posting them here in order, I'd like to give you now one of my favourite docos from the 1980's.

It's called "Soldiers - A History of Men in Battle" and its narrated by Frederick Forsyth. At the time I thought this show was outstanding and I have always tried to find it on DVD - but have been unable to.

Now some kind soul has posted it up on Youtube - so I thought I would put it up here. Now as I've been posting a lot of stuff about tanks lately, I've decided to start with that particular episode.

So here goes...

Sit back and enjoy.

Have fun



  1. Thank you for posting this, my father appears in this episode and it's wonderful to see him on screen

  2. This episode was the reason I joined the Army! I'd always planned on joining the RAF, saw this & wanted to be a tankie. Went down the army careers office & before you knew it was enlisted into the Royal Signals of all things! Despite requesting "any armoured unit" on all my dream sheets I was continually posted to wheeled or NATO units!!

    Thanks for digging it out - fantastic!!