02 July 2010


OK - so I got a S&S ZSU-23-4 (Shilka) and a MTLB last week and put them together almost straight away.

First up I'll talk about the ZSU-23-4. Here's a wiki link to the Shilka



The ZSU-23-4 is very simple to paint (if you ar planning on having it the standard Soviet green look like I was. I used my Soviet armour recipe to finish it.

1. Undercoat with Citadel Black Spray
2. Spray coat of Battlefront's War Paint spray can - Soviet Armour
3. Citadel Babab Black pin wash along all the grooves on the model
4. Drybrush with Vallejo Russian Green (which matches the spray very well
5. Drybrush a couple more times with Vallejo Russian Green and progressively more and more Vallejo German Cam. Beige.
6. Tracks and guns were painted black, and then Panzer Grey. Then washed with Babab Black
7. The model was weathered using Tamiya Weathering pastels

Here are some photos of the completed model:



And as always, here are a couple youtube links I found to be useful. This first one has a particular cold war feel to it - very Red Star magazine quality about it!

This one is of very high quality:

Next up - the MTLB

Have fun


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