07 July 2010


Next completed model is my S&S MTLB. I got this multi-purpose AFV particularly for a scenario I've written, where it will be one of the vehicles used by the HQ Company of a Guards Tank Division. I only needed one - and this little beauty fits the bill perfectly.

Here's a link to the wikipedia page on the MT-LB


No much to say here really, as its all been said before. I actually painted the MT-LB at the same time as the ZSU-23-4, using exactly the same processes.

The one difference was in the preparation, as a front fender had broken during transit and had to be glued back onto the model. It broke (I believe), due to a large air bubble on the edge of the fender, so that also had to be fixed with a bit of modelling putty.

So here's a couple of photos of the completed MT-LB:



All in all I thought this was a very nice and simple model.

Here's a couple of MT-LB related youtube clip. This first one should be titled - how many children can you fit into an open-topped MT-LB:

This next one should be titled - "The Little MT-LB that couldn't" - it thinks it can, it thinks it can, it thinks it can get up the hill, but alas, it doesn't.

The next one is interesting simply because it shows the spartan conditions inside the cab of the MT-LB.

Finally some good quality off-roading in an MT-LB - all the more impressive now you seen what it's like for the driver.

Have fun


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