18 May 2010

RAF Ground Crew Part 2

As I said earlier, at some point in the scenario, probably around the time they start getting shot at, the RAF ground crew will drop their spanners and pointy things and try and find their weapons and helmets.

The Airfix NATO Ground Crew set has a nice selection of figures in NBC suits with SLRs and helmets. These fit nicely. It also means that when I get some Liberation British figures for the RAF Regiment there will be a clear differentiation between armed ground crew and actual trained airfield defenders. Make sense?

So here are the armed ground crew:

My favourite figures in the set

Kneeling and firing

Running towards the enemy with gay abandon.

Finally - here are the two pilots - the heroes of the hour (just ask them)


That's it for now. I have still to finish the Squadron Leader and Quarter Master - but so far I don't like the RAF Uniform colour I made up so I'll have to come up with something different before I can finish them off.

Have fun


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