Scenarios and AARs

One this page I'll provide links (and some taster photos) to all my WW3 After Action Reports starting with the most recent and working backwards.

Destroy the Bridge/Capture the Bridge AAR 2
US Army vs the Soviet horde

Destroy the Bridge/Capture the Bridge AAR 1
West Germans versus Soviet Motor Rifle BTRs and T-80s

Destroy the Bridge / Capture the Bridge Mission
The scenario for the above two AARs

Norwegian Blue
Royal Marines up against Soviet Naval Infantry in Norway

Delaying Action
West German Fallschirmjager blocking force versus elements of a Soviet Forward Detachment

Beyond the Beaches of Gromitz

Soviet Naval Infantry take on West German Territorials in the Schleswig-Holstein

No Tanks Here - Move along...

For something different - we played a no tanks allowed battle - M113 mounted US Mechanised Infantry versus Soviet Motor Rifle Troops in BMP-1s

The Village

Another game pitting US mechanised infantry - this time mounted in Bradleys - up against a Soviet Motor Rifle Battlegroup.  M1s vs T-80BV (with the odd Apache thrown in for good measure)

The Road to Hunfeld - Game 1

1st part in a three game series run over a weekend.  This game was a small reconnaissance mission between the scout elements of a West German Recon Company and a Soviet Recon Company

Road to Hunfeld - Game 2

The second game ramped up the action with a Soviet Combat Recon Patrol taking on a West German Covering force.

Road to Hunfeld - Game 3

The final battle saw a Soviet BTR company up againsta  mixed bag of West German Paratroopers and Panzergrenadiers.

The Bridgehead

Another Soviet vs West German game - this time centring around a small Soviet bridgehead being counter attacked.

Covering Force vs Reconnaissance by Fire

This game involved a BAOR covering force trying to defeat/delay a heavy Soviet Recon by fire force.

The Recce Screen

Something of a Prelude to the previous game - this was a very small action, again between the BAOR Recce screen and a Soviet Recon probe.

1st Solo Game

My first crack a a solo WW3 mini-game.

Although I do have a few more AAR's up on the blog I won't link them here as they were all played with a different "rule set" and not representative of what we've been doing more recently.



  1. Great AARs; I really love the story line and pictures - all your models BTW??

  2. Hi mate - sorry for the VERY slow reply! Just found your comment. Yes, the majority of the models are mine.