27 June 2022

Games Room Update Part 2

 So I misspoke.  No new army list or miniature photos today - although I have been busy working in the garage/games room.

Now I have carpeted an area in the middle of the room.

And then moved the smaller cabinets which will form the foundation for the table top and handy storage areas, to the spot where they will sit.

This should give me a decent 10 ft x 6 ft table, and leave enough space in the room for a 6' x 4' table should the need arise.  There is also plenty of room under the bigger table to store all sorts of crap between the cabinets - as I already have!

So that's my progress.  Probably will give this topic a rest until the tabletop is sorted out.




  1. That's a fantastic looking setup. Consider me thoroughly jealous! Sadly I have to share my gaming space with my home office, but watching your setup unfold gives me ideas ;)

    1. Thanks Ben. Very happy with how it's progressing. Hopefully will see some major movement in the next few weeks. Richard