15 June 2022

F.A.Q. Part 2

 Hi everyone.  In FAQ Part 2, rather than providing all the questions and responses, like I did in Part 1, I've decided to simply list the topics and then provide the like to the pdf.  This is also available on the FAQ Tab at the top of the page.

The topics discussed are:

  • Main Gun Ammunition
  • Timed Strikes with Attack Helicopters
  • Repeat Attacks and Attack Helicopter Another Attack Run
  • WARPAC Attack Helicopters
  • Dual Purpose SAMs?
  • Special Forces in Lists
  • Terminology and Lists
  • How to add Support Units - Focused on Recon Units - it's a conversation...
  • Battle Drill - A series of questions
The is the link to the Complete FAQ

Next time - either some miniature photos or an updated Army List



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