18 February 2019

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - UPDATED - New AFV Data Tables

Hi Everyone

Another quick update - this time with four new AFV Data Tables for the Norwegians, Belgian, Polish and East Germans.  The Norwegian table has been updated to match the new version of the army list while the Belgian, Polish and East German AFV Data tables are brand new, and should (hopefully) cover everything in each of those nationalities lists.

If you can spot any problems with the tables, please let me know.

Here they are

Norwegian AFV Data

Belgian AFV Data

Polish AFV Data

East German AFV Data




  1. Glad to see these are still being updated and worked on, have played quite a few games now and think they are brilliant. These will be my main modern rules that I will be introducing to our club as the last time we played they were well received.

  2. Thanks Mark - very much appreciate your comments. I'm always working to update, add-to and improve my unofficial variant for Battlegroup. Still quite a few lists to bring out and I'm thinking about some additional rules not currently covered in the Battlegroup system.

    Thanks again


  3. I for one am glad to hear that more lists are planned and it was the first time we tried the helicopter rules (that were obviously not in the Battlegroup system) I was impressed with how it worked as we used a lynx and although lethal with ATGW, fragile when auto cannon fire pinned it then drove it off.