31 January 2019

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - UPDATED - Norwegian Mechanised & Infantry Battlegroups

Recently I was contacted on the Battlegroup NORTHAG Development Forum by Kit Hohler (known as Eukie on that forum) who had numerous suggestions and corrections for my original Norwegian List.

So now with his invaluable assistance I've been able to seriously update the list which should be quite a bit more historically correct.  It has a couple of new infantry options and some new vehicles.  Kit also helped sort of my Norwegian Leopard mistakes.

As the list was now looking so good I thought it was about time that I had a crack at writing up a more defined "Home Turf" special rule.  It gives you the option of moving a couple of pieces of terrain (hopefully to represent units intimately familiar with their surroundings being able to choose the piece of ground they wish to fight on) or add +1D6 to the forces overall BR.  Obviously this needs to be tested to see what impact it has on the game.

Finally I'll be updating the Norwegian AFV Data Table to reflect the fixes and additions over the next few days (probably next week to be honest)

So here is the newly updated list:

Norwegian Mechanised and Infantry Battlegroups



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