07 January 2019

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - UPDATED - French Armoured Division Battlegroup -

Hi guys

Just a quick post.  Based on some late feedback I have made some very minor changes to the French Armoured Division Battlegroup List.  They are:

  • The Armoured Voltigeur Platoon has lost its Medium Mortar, which has been replace with a Heavy Mortar.
  • The AMX-13 105mm SPG has been more correctly named
  • The Dragoon LRRP Patrol has had the 2 APILAS MAW's stripped out (as they were no meant to engage armour).  However I have added a single APILAS MAW as an option extra for 10 pts.  They have reduced in cost down to 55 pts.
That's it for now.

This week I hope to have the French AFV Data out and I'll review where I got up to with the east German and Polish AFV Data.  I'm also starting work on the French Infantry Division List.

Finally I've actually started to paint some Cold War Soviet vehicles again so I may finally be able to post up some pics.




  1. Neat Richard, does anybody do suitable French miniatures for the 80s?


    1. Thanks Matt. Rolf has an expanding range in 20mm. It's the only 20mm one I am aware of at the moment. Battlefront and others have a big range in 15mm.