20 December 2018

My Unofficial Battlegroup: Cold War - French Armoured Division Battlegroup List


Its been a long time coming and involved a fair amount of effort, but today I'm pleased to post up a French Armoured Division Battlegroup List:

French Armoured Division Battlegroup

Many, many thanks to Paul Cziganj and Jerome Bons without whom this list would either not exist or if it did, it would be seriously wrong!  It seems even the French find French Army TO&Es a little confusing!

I'd appreciate any feedback including errors etc.  Any mistakes in the list are purely mine, not Jerome or Paul's.

You'll note that there is a new French specific Special Rule re: Rifle Grenades as part of the list.  I am trying to show the heavy, doctrinal use of rifle grenades by the French Army.  Any better ideas for dealing with this would be appreciated.

So in the next month or so, I hope to add 2 more French lists (which will be much easier now this list is done) and I'll work on the French Vehicle Data and Weapons information.

It's been a fairly bad year hobby-wise as we planned to be moving overseas about now.  That has all been put on hold for a while so hopefully next year will be rather different and a bit more time for painting soldiers and playing games.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

Thanks for your support



  1. Thanks for all of your work on these lists and rules, I had my first game yesterday with attack helicopters and the rules worked well for my British Royal Marines; keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Mark - no worries at all. Glad the Attack Helicopter rules worked out for you!


  2. Hi Richard - just found your blog - what a treasure trove of useful info. Thank you very much for putting in all this work. I am a big BG WW2 fan but am also into moderns, so this is perfect! Just a quick question - looking at the AFV data, you have ammo limits for ATGMs but do not appear to have them for the main guns. I was just wondering what your thinking behind that was? Cheers, Peter

    1. Hi Peter - thanks for the nice comments. Re main gun ammo, in BG WW2 I think most tanks have their actual ammo divided by 10 to come up with the Ammo no. in the AFV stats. This is to account for a number of things taken into account for each "shot". Misses, deflections, hitting atraget multiple times just to make sure it is dead etc.

      My thinking was in order to reflect the much better accuracy of main tank guns in the 1980s - where 1 shot - 1 kill - was the name of the game - it was pointless to assume 10 shots for every in game "shot". A Chieftain for example, has 64 rounds. Even if I halved it to 5 shots for every in game "shot" - it would still have about 13 Ammo "shots" in a game. In most of my games all the tanks don't fire every round - and most games end after 6 or 7+ rounds - so forcing players to count ammo for main guns seems a bit pointless.

      This does not mean though if you want to introduce it in your games, you can't. Of course you can. I have even though of having a low ammo scenario specific rule for a game - to show a depleted side - still trying to defend a position for instance.

      Anyway - hope that helps explain things.

      Thanks - Richard

    2. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me - this makes perfect sense. I hadn't really thought about it from the perspective of increased accuracy and lethality making ammo limits redundant. I was coming at it from the relatively lower ammo storage for Russian tanks like the T72 and T80. As you say, one of the joys of BG is its flexibility and the freedom to add what you want to the game. I might experiment with a split ammo limit for these Soviet tanks to reflect that some of the on-board rounds were not actually in the auto-loader, so refilling the auto-loader from these stores was a slow and laborious task. Thanks again and now following your blog avidly!