29 January 2017

Hjemmeværnet (The Danish Home Guard) - Part 2

Alrighty then...  Now to some actual miniatures!

First up, the majority of the miniatures you'll see here today are from Wartime Miniatures from here in Australia.  These are really lovely, crisp figures and I can't recommend them enough.  As always, I'll say up front, I'm no expert, so in my opinion, these figures exude the the look of late WW2 US infantry.  Many are really cold and grungy looking, like you might see in the movie "Fury" - most of these I had to exclude as they were a bit more grungy than what I wanted my Hjemmeværnet chaps to look like.  They still look pretty cold though...

As I said previously, I did some simple green-stuffery to the helmets on all the figures.  Here's the Platoon Command:

I did front & back photos for just this unit, to help get the idea of want they looked like.  Two of the figures, the two to the left (which I think are the officer and radio operator) have had netting added to their helmets.  The centre right chap (an NCO?) has had some scrim added to his helmet.  The chap on the far right was an experiment to see if I could do helmet covers like Elhiem does.  Answer - NO!

Now the first squad:

First row: NCO with SMG (weapon conversion), MG42 machine gunner (Elhiem figure), BAR gunner, rifleman

Second row: 4 more riflemen

Second squad:

First row: NCO with rifle, MG42 machine gunner (Elhiem figure - with netting helmet), BAR gunner, rifleman

Second row: 4 riflemen (two are the same figure - but I did different helmet styles to make them look a little unique)

Now a bit of a close up of the SMG armed NCO to show of the weapon conversion:

And a view of what I tried to arm him with:

And here's a spare rifleman figure, in case one squad decides not to upgrade a rifleman to a BAR gunner: 

So that's the actual platoon by my TO&E.  I do have one support option painted up - but that's for tomorrow!




  1. Great work, one force to add to the to do list.
    Richard P

  2. They look fantastic- will be an interesting addition to the tabletop.



  3. Thanks guys - really appreciate your comments - and I'm glad to get another little crazy idea completed.