06 August 2016

VDV Objective - Or not...

In addition to the BMD-2s I decided to build something that would make a great objective for a VDV air assault - an Airport Terminal - well a little regional terminal anyway.

So a while back I bought this kit:

And never opened it until now.

Then I built it - pretty quickly:

 Looks kinda OK - until you put something next to it...

So this HO kit is the small side of HO - just a bit too small in my opinion.  I'll be giving it to a mate to play some 15mm games with...

Oh well - 10 points for trying!



  1. Hard luck old chap. Not a bad kit though.

  2. I think it looks good! The size is OK...all around very useful.

  3. I don't think it looks too bad- it would be more in keeping with the ground scale of the game for one thing.



  4. Well I told a mate I'd give it to him - so I will. But... I've decided that for $15 I'm going to buy the kit again - and this time use it as a basis for making a 20mm airport terminal. The tower, for instance, is quite useable. So that's the plan.